Artist in Profile: Dean Tomasek
The demands for Tomasek’s works are many. He stays busy doing CD covers, posters for bands and events, menus for restaurants, and illustrations for books and magazines. He has recently been designing sets for country music performers, and of particular note is a set he created for a benefit concert by Hootie and the Blowfish. “I do all kinds of things like that, anything to make a buck and keep me from getting a real job,” Tomasek says with a smile. [Read More...]
Lucky 13 With Hannah Fairlight
What’s new in Nashville? Not country. Not even rock. In fact, it’s something completely different and hard to categorize. Hannah Fairlight – a no-name Midwestern girl turned TV-personality and original music pioneer – is busy paving a Bright Future in Music City.
With one self-produced EP, Bright Future, echoing Jack White’s raw rock sound, a Joan Jett cover released by Univseral Big Machine, a full season starring on a prime-time reality TV show, AND an EP produced by legendary rock producer Michael Wagener (Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osborne, Motley Crue) all under her belt, Fairlight is anything but tiptoeing around since her move to Nashvegas from New York City less than two years ago.
On the heels of the release of her album Bright Future, Hannah and her husband welcomed the newest member of the family, their son Rory into their rocking world of music. Even with all these great things going on, Hannah took the time with NMG to do our Lucky 13. [Read More...]