A Conversation With Michael Wagener
Dirty D does her show Radio Memphis around the world, and she got into a fantastic conversation with Michael Wagener. Michael Wagener is from Hamburg Germany, and you may not know him, but you know ABOUT him. For example, in 1981 he produced the first Dokken album. He went on to produce SKid Row's self-titled debut which sold 5 million copies in the U.S. alone. He mixed Metallica's 1986 classic Master of Puppets. He also engineered the single version of Janet Jackson's Black Cat" which is his only pop-music collaboration. He's got his fingers in such albums by Motley Crue, Wasp, Overkill, ACCEPT, Great White, Styper, Poison, Keel, Alice Cooper, Exxtreme, Megadeth, Janet Jackson, Ozzy Osborne, Dokken, Metallica, White Lion, and Skid Row among many others. So you wanna be a rock star? Pay close attention, because this is how we got to know him. He's involved now with an artist we play on Radio Memphis; a young lady by the name of Hannah Fairlight. And she went to Nashville to record a tune over there which you're going to here...right now as we get into this special episode from Radio Land. [Read More...]