What's new in Nashville?  Not country.  Not even rock.  In fact, it's something completely different and hard to categorize.  Hannah Fairlight - a no-name Midwestern girl turned TV-personality and original music pioneer - is busy paving a Bright Future in Music City.
With one self-produced EP echoing Jack White's raw rock sound, a Joan Jett cover released by Univseral Big Machine, a full season starring on a prime-time reality TV show, AND an about-to-drop EP produced by legendary rock producer Michael Wagener (Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osborne, Motley Crue) all under her belt, Fairlight is anything but tiptoeing around since her move to Nashvegas from New York City less than two years ago.
"I needed somewhere smaller [than NYC] to build and hone my craft.  And to stand out," says Fairlight, who played her first ever show at notorious punk club CBGB, and features electric guitar and saxophone solos over Fender Rhodes loops in her live shows among other surprises and tricks.  "People always ask me what genre my music is.  I never know how to respond," says the Bowie-and-Patti Smith-inspired young rocker.  "I like to take risks and keep it interesting, for me and for the audience." 
And interesting she has kept it.  After snagging Ryan Adams' old rhythm section (Brad Pemberton and Billy Mercer) for her band, and capturing the attention of world-renowned rock producer Michael Wagener while singing a Led Zeppelin song at weekly Nashville rock show Thee Rock N Roll Residency hosted by guitarist Jeremy Asbrock, Fairlight is out to create an entirely new musical playing field.
"The industry is stale and uncertain.  Many artists are clinging to uninspired formulas because investors are mostly putting money toward "safe", copy-cat strategies.  I'm completely disinterested in doing anything "safe" or in the box.  That's not where all the great ideas in history have come from; they have come from ingenuity.  My mission is to make good art, and to inspire [young] people to make their ideas heard, creating a greater, stronger, brighter future for us all, despite what "the industry" is doing or not doing."
Fairlight's "Bright Future" is set to release late June-early July 2015.